Annual JetBlack® inspections at BASF and Gate Terminal

Jetblack_Thema2_Blog3Foto1.jpg26 Sep More and more companies see the advantages of a passive fire protection system such as JetBlack® PFP 15-120. JetBlack® is easy to remove, can be used multiple times and is custom-made. German ... full story

JetBlack® used as oil drum fire protection at Neste Oil

Jetblack_Thema2_Blog2Foto1.JPG29 Aug Drums and tank installations have to be extra fireproof, this is even more true when an oil depot is concerned. Neste Oil, therefore, requested JetBlack® PFP 15-120 applications, a customised ... full story

Require a passive fire protection system? JetBlack® is flexible and durable

Jetblack_Thema2_Blog1Foto1.jpg01 Aug For petrochemical and offshore industries in particular, effective fire protection is crucial. Fires within these industries can cause accidents with extremely serious consequences. In addition, ... full story

Worldwide recognition for the unique JetBlack® system

JetBlack_Worldwide-recognition-for-the-unique-JetBlack-system_1.jpg25 Oct Fire protection system JetBlack® is made by insulation company C. J. van Waas in Barendrecht. Production of the system is very advanced as it must be able to withstand extreme conditions, such as ... full story

The JetBlack® system is in full development

JetBlack_The-JetBlack-system-is-in-full-development_2.jpg27 Sep Fire protection system JetBlack® is undergoing a major development. Paul Roodenburg, director of insulation company C. J. van Waas, began manufacturing and testing this fire-resistant system five ... full story

Easy to place and removable fire protection

JetBlack_Easy-to-place-and-removable-fire-protection_2.jpg30 Aug Are you looking for fire protection that's easy to install and fully removable? Unique fire protection system JetBlack® has been on the market for five years now. This system is resistant to ... full story

The JetBlack® system offers many advantages

JetBlack_The-JetBlack-system-offers-many-advantages_2.jpg02 Aug JetBlack®, a C. J. van Waas product, is currently experiencing rapid growth. The product offers a unique solution for protecting equipment against fire and explosions in industrial environments. ... full story

JetBlack®: customised fire protection

JetBlack_JetBlack-customised-fire-protection_2.jpg05 Jul If a fire breaks out on your company's premises, you want to have it under control as quickly as possible to prevent catastrophic consequences. JetBlack®, the fire protection system by insulation ... full story

Long-lasting fire protection for flammable products

JetBlack_Long-lasting-fire-protection-for-flammable-products_2.jpg07 Jun Companies in the oil and gas industry regularly use flammable equipment and products. For the safety of employees and the continuation of production, it is advisable to protect these items against... full story
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