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Cable tray fire protection

Cable tray fire protection

Cable tray fire protection: Go onto any rig, into any petrochemical plant, factory, production plant, hospital, office or wherever power, communications and data are essential and you will be surrounded by cable trays. Unnoticed by most people, they house the power cables and data cables. Without them, nothing would run. If they are suitably protected, they will protect the cables from fire and water damage, not only enabling people to do their jobs and keep operations going but, in the event of fire, allow warnings to be issued, rescue efforts to be coordinated and damage to assets minimised. The solution is a cable tray fire protection system.

Cable tray fire protection jetblack
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Cable trays: the unsung heroes

Highly inflammable and high temperature environments such as those in the petrochemical industry and offshore industry are dependent on cable tray fire protection if they are to have continuous power and minimal short circuits. Apart from keeping operations going under normal circumstances, well protected cable trays will buy time for evacuation and damage limitation in emergency situations. JetBlack® produces a range of cable tray fire protection solutions that are effective in hazardous fire situations, even in jet fires situations.

Cable tray fire protection protect your plant

Jet fires are often considered the most dangerous type of fire because of their intensity and rapid
temperature rise. They can quickly reach a flame temperature of over 1,000°C. They can have a disastrous effect on steel structures, adding to the danger. More than any other industry, the petrochemical and offshore industries must protect their power and control cables in the event of a jet fire. The plant or offshore rig needs to be secured, the assets protected and people evacuated. This would not be possible without a cable tray fire protection system for the cable trays containing
the power and data cables and the emergency shutdown valves.

A certified cable tray protection system

JetBlack® supplies customised passive fire protection solutions for the petrochemical and offshore industries. Among its wide range of solutions is a certified cable tray fire protection system. JetBlack® has developed a blanket system that can be fitted around cable trays and protects them in temperatures of up to 1,268°C for two hours. Even in the case of high pressure jet fires, the system protects the cable trays for two hours. This gives a valuable two hour window in which to carry out fire fighting or evacuation protocols.

Cable tray fire protection
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A passive fire protection solution for every situation

To meet the needs of every location and situation, JetBlack®’s cable tray fire protection system is customised, removable, and can be easily installed and refitted. The system thus has many applications in the petrochemical and offshore industries. JetBlack®’s cable tray fire protection system is ISO 22899 certified. Its flexible design also allows forregular inspection. One company that is using JetBlack®’s cable tray fire protection system is Shell in Moerdijk. Read about it here.


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