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Welcome to JETBLACK

Passive Fire Protection Systems For Process Equipment.

We supply a complete Range of certified passive fire protection systems, designed for hydrocarbon and JetFire conditions

Product range flexible and ridged Passive Fire Protection Systems(PFP) including composites for the following applications

Product are available for fire rates;

  • A0-A60
  • H0-H120
  • J0- J150

We are always happy to inform you further and help you with the design of your PFP.

- Paul Roodenburg, JetBlack

0180 - 55 78 44

Our products


- Jet Black Flexible

JET BLACK Flexible Jet Fire Protection is a composition of flexible multi layered fire insulation mattresses that serve as a Passive Fire Protection system against hydrocarbon jet fires. 

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- Ignis-PFP Box

The IGNIS-PFP BOX™ is a customized and certified fire protective box, panel or wall made out of 316 stainless steel material with a composite multi-layer insulation core that provides superior passive fire protection.

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- Applications

The JET BLACK flexible fire protection system is custom made and can easily be removed and refitted by the maintenance crew and thanks to the flexible composition, quickly installed.

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- Certification

The JET BLACK Flexible Fire Protection system has been tested at DNV-GL in Spadeadam, UK in accordance with one of the most stringent PFP fire tests, the ISO22899-1

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Our services


Site surveys to inspect, control and to take measurements for tailor-made systems


Thermal design (with Simu-Therm calculation system)


Engineering and design


Project documentation


Manufacture and inspection


Transport to project


Site installation


Quality assurance

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