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Econtras & Jetblack in Europoort Kringen magazine

JetBlack_Blogfoto.jpg01 Jul

Econtras is featured in the June 2021 edition of the Industrial Management Magazine Europoort Kringen (page 30). This edition has the theme ‘Industrial insulation and inspection’. The reason for this article is that Econtras had to apply Jetblack® fire-protection in record time. We are proud of this!

JetBlack® has been around for about ten years. It is a flexible product supplied to provide protection against flair and hydrocarbon fires. The products have been tested in England under the toughest conditions. Last year, we were asked to install JetBlack® fire protection and insulation mattresses on the Sauthwark and Blythe platforms. Normally such a job takes six to eight weeks, but now it had to be done within three. This gave us the chance to show how fast we can act! And it worked, the deadline was met, and the customer was very satisfied. Cheers to our entire team!

Download the magazine (PDF)

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