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Worldwide recognition for the unique JetBlack® system

JetBlack_Worldwide-recognition-for-the-unique-JetBlack-system_1.jpg25 Oct

Fire protection system JetBlack® is made by insulation company C. J. van Waas in Barendrecht. Production of the system is very advanced as it must be able to withstand extreme conditions, such as blazing fires and explosions. Companies at risk of this are customers or potential customers of JetBlack®.

Our customers

JetBlack® customers are located on industrial sites throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. These companies are involved in oil and gas, among other things," says Rutger van Dijk, advisor at C. J. van Waas. Companies where we have set up JetBlack® systems include BASF Antwerp, ExxonMobil Europoort, Total Refinery Antwerp, offshore drilling platforms in the North Sea, Gasunie Maasvlakte, and Frames in Alphen aan de Rijn. "JetBlack® systems are applied to equipment crucial to the production process inside factories, such as actuators, ESD valves, and control panels. During a controlled fire, the JetBlack® system protects these devices so that production can continue.”

“We can offer flexible and sustainable fire protection, something other companies are still unable to do.”

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Fire protection on oil rigs

Some of our customers are located on oil rigs in the North Sea. Our staff regularly travel to this oil rig by helicopter to install fire protection. Once there, they pay attention to all instructions and safety rules, then confirm that fire protection has been secured to the relevant equipment or appliances that must remain protected during a controlled fire.

Fire protection worldwide

JetBlack® is also attracting more and more customers abroad. We received an order from Suriname, where a company asked us to make 50 JetBlack® cabinets and insulate actuators. A very challenging, month-long task. Companies in Dubai and Qatar have also shown an interest in our fire protection. "Thanks to tips from other customers, they have come to us. We can offer flexible and sustainable fire protection, something other companies are still unable to do. We hope to provide companies in other countries with our unique product in the future,” says Rutger.

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