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Long-lasting fire protection for flammable products

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Companies in the oil and gas industry regularly use flammable equipment and products. For the safety of employees and the continuation of production, it is advisable to protect these items against fire and explosions. Insulation company C. J. van Waas has developed a solution for this: JetBlack®, also known by its brand name, JetBlack® PFP 15-120. "The JetBlack® system offers long-lasting protection against fire," says our advisor Rutger van Dijk.

“We started JetBlack® about five years ago. Since then, we have successfully applied this fire protection system several times.”

Origin of JetBlack®

Insulation company C. J. van Waas has been specialising in making insulation mattresses since the 1950s. Our insulation mattresses, also known by the brand name Econtras®, offer protection, ensure energy savings, and are water-repellent and soundproof. Paul Roodenburg, director of C. J. van Waas, also wanted to develop a system to offer protection against fire. "We started JetBlack® about five years ago. Since then, we have successfully applied this fire protection system several times," says Rutger. Our clients include ExxonMobil, BASF Antwerp, Frames, and Gasunie Maasvlakte.

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Long-lasting fire protection

The JetBlack® brand stands for a system that offers long-lasting fire protection during explosions or large-scale fires. Currently, systems in our range offer fire protection for 60, 90, and up to 120 minutes. Unlike other fire-resistant materials, the JetBlack® system can be used several times, in part due to it being removable and made with durable materials. It can also be removed intact from the insulated equipment and reused. In the event a fire breaks out, the system cannot be reused in compliance with the certification mark.  


The JetBlack® system is manufactured by Econtras® employees. Production is a laborious process, which means the delivery time for the system averages six weeks. Our staff work quickly with multi-layered materials, tailoring the product to fully meet your requirements. Our fire protection is usually made for emergency shutdown valves, as well as cable trays, control panels, pipes, actuators, and more.

Test location

The system is inspected following manufacturing as it must meet all safety requirements before application. Our JetBlack® system was therefore tested for 60, 90, and 120 minutes in accordance with the ISO 22899-1 2007 Jet Fire Standard at the DNV GL test location, the RAF Spadeadam station in the UK. "The JetBlack® system was assessed by a Surveyor Engineer from Lloyds Register Energy. The test was very successful. Interested parties can request the certification and additional information from us," says Rutger.

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